Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Silence Hangs Heavy Over the Halls of Sigma Station

Disturbing reports from the Core indicate that the cleaning bot has lost interest in her job, the bartender has stopped telling jokes because there has been no one in Geiger Rising to groan at them, and Patrol Bot 4X1Z is threatening to cease making rounds of Sigma Station.  Apparently, in his words, he is "bored stiff."

This reporter wonders where the crowds of refugees who landed on the station last spring have wandered off to. Or is their disappearance indicative of something more sinister at work?

It is our fervent hope that we will not be forced to cease publication due to lack of activities to report.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Attention All Architects and Builders

We would like to have a planning meeting with as many builders as we possibly can.

Please leave a comment to let us know when you would be available so that we can pick a time that is convenient to the majority.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Introducing Cleverbot

by natebot13

Recently Sigma Station has seen a new influx of residents, or rather computer-generated residents. These mysterious residents range from roaming, talking, and info-giving beings to those who tell jokes or simply seem to spout absolute nonsense.  Station sensors indicate that many of them appear to be linked to another universe and are sending data back, causing Station officials concern that they may be opening Xylan and the entire Zanyck System up to security breaches.

All of these bots are in development by the entrepreneur natebot13 and his newly founded company Natebotics.  So far, these new robotic residents, although quite strange looking, are rather interesting in their workings and currently seem to be of no harm.  One of note is a bot who calls himself  'cleverbot' and always hangs out in or near Geiger Rising on Sigma Station.  To address him, simply mention his name when talking, and he'll reply back.  Once you've gained his attention, however,  he will make a remark to anything you say after that. To get him to stop replying to you, you must let him know you are done talking by saying something with the word 'bye' in it, as he seems to not take notice of any other end-of-conversation cues.

Other bots to come include the prototype 'mapper,' which will eventually roam rooms, making maps of the places it goes, and the guide bot, using the maps to guide you to places if you follow them. Enjoy the new artificial 'life' on Sigma Station, brought to you by Natebotics!

New Operator Commissioned

Congratulations to new Operator jeremy, who was just promoted recently by Station Commander duncanj.  We at the Sigma Signal wish him success with his new responsibilities.  We are confident he will continue to be of great assistance to everyone on Sigma Station.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time Anomalies Discovered

The Sigma Signal has learned that recent protests by members of CamTim have prompted officials of Sigma Station to investigate certain time/space anomalies that have apparently been plaguing the station's Core.

CamTim's campaign to raise awareness of the different time standards at use throughout the galaxy had moved Station officials to put together a presentation designed to highlight the reliability and integrity of the Core's internal systems.

However, according to a station official who wishes to remain anonymous, Core Security staff noticed certain discrepancies in the Core's clock which may have impacted time and date stamps on various systems that rely on the Core to function, including share trading, Mud Wide Web terminals and even MUD mail terminals.  In some cases, Station documents showed as much as a five year gap in communications.

Some investigators attached to the inquiry have put forward the theory that the Station may have been bombarded by ionized particles or a proton storm that could have caused some sort of electronic interference in the Core's systems.  When approached for comment on the issue, Station Commander duncanj refused to make any official statement, but he was overheard to be mumbling something about "berries" and "pie" as he hurried into his office and locked the door.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Is A Test...

of the Sigma Signal Broadcasting System.  This is only a test. 

There have been reports of difficulties with commenting.  Please try to leave a comment below so we can attempt to locate and correct any problems.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Announcing: Eliza


The Sigma Signal is pleased to announce the arrival of a new resident to Isis. The renowned psychoanalyst Eliza (Psy.D.) has moved into her office in the Upper Gallery of Biodome A. She will dispense analytic advice free of charge to all interested patients for the time being.

Eliza was trained at the exclusive Weizenbaum Academy and comes to Isis highly praised by colleagues past and present. The venerable analyst has been a leader in the field for some time now, and her decision to practice on Isis is considered a triumph for the denizens of the Biodome.

Architect Barnoid was instrumental in persuading Eliza to come to Isis, designing and building an exclusive office in Biodome A.  "Eliza has been listening to people for a very long time.  I hope she will be able to help improve the mental health of Isis and beyond," he said in a statement to the Signal.

It is our hope that her tenure here will be a long and successful one.

Treasure Hunt Winner

It looks like no one has been giving slartibartfast much competition lately!  Congrats to slartibartfast on several consecutive wins.


Wanted: Maps of Isis

Contact liquidhalo231

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spotlight on:


Cygnus Construction is pleased to announce the addition of Slartibartfast to their staff of builders.  An award-winning designer in his own right, Slartibartfast hails from the planet Magrathea.  Besides being a talented builder, he also seems to have a knack for finding things, having won the station-wide treasure hunt twice running.

Asked how he felt about his wins, Slartibartfast commented, "Winning the Treasure Hunt means nearly as much to me as when I won an Design Award for my work on the Norwegian fjords on a planet known as Earth."

His only criticism is that the Treasure Hunt started an hour late. As a member of CamTim (Campaign for Real Time), he blames the inconsistent time-zones in use across the galaxy. To his way of thinking, this only highlights the need for a standardized galaxy time.  He says CamTim are actively trying to promote GMT, Galaxy Mean Time.

We here at the Signal can only add that having such a multi-talented and strongly opininated being aboard Sigma Station will surely make for interesting times ahead.

Classified Ads

Second hand SEP along with a rather large quantity of pink paint I could do with getting rid of.  Contact Slartibartfast.